Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

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the cool thing about kids is that when you’re having a really sh!**y and you make em smile and laugh, it instantly picks you up because you know you’re, at least, doing something good in your completely awful day.

whether it’s a façade or not.

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If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?

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4AM thoughts.

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I’ve devoted my time to my job. my first intentions of having it was for money. my first day was an experience in itself. I felt like it would be a 9-5 feeling, but I was wrong. through all the days, things just started changing. I grew fond of the kids. some of them were mean, some of them were very fond of me. it was an experience and I really liked the job. I realized instead of devoting my time to the job, I’m devoting your time and effort to teaching these kids good value (or most of my students would say nothing, but some of these kids who I’ve had one on one talks about random stuff would have said things differently). but what I’m saying is, kids sometimes need someone to listen to them, talk to them, and most of all, encouragement. it’s pretty neat-o when you’re encouraging a student throughout his/her tough times, they take it and they think you’re the coolest teacher because you’ve done nothing but been respectful to them (aw man I miss my favorite kid). and when it boils down, I just want these kids to learn some good values, which is why most of my
co-workers tell me to handle fighting situations hahaha.

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"together at last"

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Inspirational pokemon photos.

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you are acute coffee pie

you are narrow, scalding and irrational



you are acute coffee pie

you are narrow, scalding and irrational

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Proabably the 3rd time reblogging this 

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